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A note on current events from our Executive Director,
Regina Caines:

MPDE is saddened by the event of George Floyd's demise at the hand of a police officer in Minneapolis, and the blatant reminder that the state of the union is still at odds with the promise of freedom and justice for all. The protests that have emerged from almost every major city across the country is testimony that the relative passive objection to these brutal acts that has been perpetuated, is now a loud and demanding active voice for immediate change. We, an organization promoting positive action for change, denounce the element of violence and destruction that has invaded the peaceful intent of these protests.

MPDE joins in the protest of the murder of George Floyd on behalf of the children within the districts of MPDE, and all children across the nation who are the beneficiaries of the society we leave for them to inherit. The message of this protest is to finally and decisively demand decisions to enact systemic governmental changes to uproot the pandemic of racism deeply embedded and a plague in this country for centuries. This resonates with MPDE's mission for equitable conditions and practices for the academic success of all students and the professional experience of all educators.

MPDE's and the national efforts for equitable increase in the number of educators of color to match the demographic population of students, and the development of environmental and culturally prepared school districts for culturally integrated learning, will fall short educationally if not connected to a common message in the external environment. Forging consistencies between the world of school and the world of home, community and country, regarding social justice for all, must emerge from this tragedy.

* Please see our "References" page for additional relevant information.

In order to connect applicants with public school district personnel during this time of social distancing, we have created an online database for MPDE member districts to review resumes.  If you are interested in working with any of our member districts, please forward your resume to admin@mpde.org.

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What We Do

The Massachusetts Partnership for Diversity in Education is committed to recruiting and assisting in producing career opportunities for educators and administrators from diverse backgrounds and forming collaborative relationships that will enhance staff diversity within our school districts. Massachusetts Partnership for Diversity in Education is formerly the Affirmative Action Recruitment Consortium of Eastern Massachusetts (AARC).

MPDE is a recruiting consortium of Massachusetts public school districts whose mission is to locate outstanding candidates of color for teaching, administrative and support positions, and whose goal is to provide resources and support toward the development and overall increase of educators of color.

MPDE communities are exceptionally supportive of public education, making these school systems among the best in the Northeast. Member communities differ in many respects, but each share:

  • a commitment to excellence in education
  • a desire to provide equal educational opportunities to all
  • Another bullet point here
  • a commitment to increase diversity among their staff

More teachers of color would:
  • increase the number of role models for students of color
  • provide opportunities for all students to learn about ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity
  • be able to enrich diverse students' learning because of shared racial, ethnic, and cultural identities
  • serve as cultural brokers, able not only to help students navigate their school environment and culture, but also to increase the involvement of other teachers and their students' parents


Immediate Job Openings:

  • Andover - High School: Art, English as a Second Language, French, Principal, Spanish, Social Studies
    Middle School: English/ Language Arts. French, Math, Moderate Special Needs, Science, Special Education/Language based, School Nurse
    Elementary: Art, Elementary classroom teachers/ regular and permanent substitute, English as a Second Language, Health and Physical Education, Moderate Special Needs, Principal
    Director of Human Resources for Town of Andover/Andover Public Schools
    Speech and Language Pathologist/ Full and part-time
    To learn more about these opportunities and to submit an application, please visit our website at www.aps1.net/jobs. Resumes will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • Barnstable - Social Worker, Instructional Assistant, Portuguese Heritage Lang. Teacher, Spanish Lang. Teacher, Wellness Teacher, Special Needs TA, HVAC Asst. Mechanic, Personal Care Asst., LTS Special Needs TA, Dean of Students BHS, Grade 7 ELA Teacher, Custodian, Music Teacher, Science Teacher, Math Teacher, English Teacher, Personal Care Asst., School Asst., Speech Language Pathologist, Special Needs Teacher Asst., ELL Teacher, Maintenance Crafstman
    Please go to www.barnstable.k12.ma.us under EMPLOYMENT for specific information on how to set up your TalentEd Recruit and Hire Account.

  • Falmouth - In Falmouth Public Schools (Cape Cod) we support and strive to diversify our teaching staff to achieve and maintain an educator workforce reflective of the racial, linguistic, and cultural diversity of our students. Consider positions in Falmouth: https://falmouth.tedk12.com/hire/Index.asp
  • Lexington - 40+ openings for teaching/administrative positions.  Please see link for more information on each position as well as application details: https://lps.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx
  • Methuen - High School:  Math Teacher (2), ASD Resource Room Teacher, Special Education Teacher/Reading, GCP Teacher, PAVE Teacher, .6 History/Social Science Teacher, Chemistry Teacher
    Tenney Grammar: School Psychologist, Lower School Health Teacher
    Marsh Grammar:  Lower School Resource Room Teacher
    Comprehensive Grammar:  Speech Therapist
    Please see link for more information on each position as well as application details:
  • Needham - Elementary - Math Coach, Grade 1 Long Term Subs, Physical Education
    Middle - Grade 7, Literacy Coaches
    High School - Biology, Visual Art Long Term Subs
    Admin - Bookkeeper, Secretary, SPED Coordinator, Asst. Director of Financial Operations
    Summer Programs
    School Nurse
    Speech Language Pathologist
    Please see link for more information on each position as well as application details: http://www.needham.k12.ma.us/careers
  • Salem - 10+ Job openings, see profile page for more details. To learn more about these opportunities and to submit an application, please visit our website at www.salemk12.org. Resumes will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • Sharon - Elementary Principal
    High School Principal
    Foreign Language Coordinator
    Grade 3 Teacher
    Grade 6 Teacher
    Middle School Math Teacher
    Elementary English Teacher
    High School English Teacher
    Technology Teacher
    SPED Physical Therapist
    SPED Psychologist
    SPED Teacher Resource Room
    SPED DLP Teacher
    Literacy Specialist
    Guidance Counselor
    *Please contact Melanie Rosado at mrosado@sharonschools.net for more information
  • Stoughton - Stoughton High School: History, Special Education, Portuguese
    O’Donnell Middle School: EL Teacher, Math, World Languages
    Elementary: 3 Special Education Teachers, 1 EL Teacher
    Secondary Drama Teacher
    Please see the link for more information about each position and application details:
  • Woburn - Early Childhood Coordinator
    Elementary Schools - Grade 2 Teachers
    Middle Schools - Family & Consumer Science Teacher
    High School - Social Studies Teacher, Library, Media & Technology Specialist
    Long Term Substitute Teachers (see Woburn's profile page for more info)
    Please send resume & cover letter with position of interest to joneil@woburnps.com
  • Wellesley -
    School Psychologist
    Help Desk Specialist
    Teaching Assistant (All Levels)
    Paraprofessionals (All Levels)
    Long Term Substitutes
    Day to Day Substitutes
    Lunch Monitor
    For additional information please visit:

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